UGA DNA Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer please contact the UGA DNA co-chairs.

Tanner Tolman

Tanner Tolman is the committee chair of UGA DNA and the 2nd vice president of UGA. He has 10 years of professional experience and works full-time at the Family History Library as a research consultant. He is accredited for Denmark and specializes in Nordic and DNA research.

Heather Goebel

Heather Goebel's interest in family history started in junior or high school and was built when she was invited to some family history classes. Over the years she returned from time to time to work on her tree, until online research grabbed her interest 15 years ago. While attending an all-day LDS seminar in Arizona, she was given the change to give a small tube of blood with her 3 or 4 generation family tree. Later she tested with Sorensons, GeneTree and National Genographic. She has now tested many family members and friends at 23andMe, Family Tree DNA (full MTDNA sequence, Big Y, Y and atDNA), AncestryDNA, My Heritage and Living DNA. Through genetic testing she has been thrilled to get to know two family members on her paternal side who had been adopted.